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Keto recipes

Where to Buy Everything?

When you’re just starting with a new lifestyle, you often hear about unique products and brands. Or perhaps you haven’t seen or heard much and are curious about commonly used products. But where do you buy the best products, and where can you even find them?

Google can be your best friend, but also your worst nightmare. With the vast amount of (sometimes conflicting) information out there, it can sometimes seem so challenging and overwhelming. That’s why I’ve written this blog article for you, in which I show you the products I frequently use and where I buy them.

Note: Xandra’s Keto Kitchen is located in the Netherlands, so the products mentioned in this article are available in the Netherlands, through Dutch webshops. If you don’t live in the Netherlands, you can use Google Shopping to find the best place to purchase these products in your location. It’s also possible that some products, like erythritol and similar items, might even be available on the shelves of regular supermarkets. In Canada, for example, this is the case. If you’re ever in doubt about whether a product you’ve found is suitable for a keto diet, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you in determining its keto-friendliness.

Table of Contents:

Keto Chocolate

Keto recipes

There are several types of chocolate that are a perfect fit for a ketogenic lifestyle. However, as with most products, there are many chocolates marketed as “KETO” that may not actually meet the criteria when you closely examine the ingredients. Here’s a convenient overview of the chocolates I like to use, which are 100% keto and contain only good sweeteners and healthy fats.

Keto recipes

The chocolate from Funky Fat Foods is available from several online retailers. I usually order it from De online drogist.

I find the coffee and coconut variants delicious to eat just as they are. I use the plain variant a lot to make chocolates and desserts, all of which can be found in my cookbook “The Ultimate Ketogenic Sweet and treats Special” I personally don’t find the other flavors they have to be as tasty, but of course, tastes vary ๐Ÿ˜‰.

Keto recipes

The chocolate from Okono is available from several online retailers. I usually order it from Lowcarbcenter.
Okono offers multiple flavors of chocolate. Personally, I must admit that I find only their white chocolate to be truly delicious. I use it extensively in my cookbook, ‘The Ultimate Ketogenic Sweets and treats Special‘ The other flavors are decent, but I prefer those from other brands for eating as they are. Tastes vary, of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Keto recipes

Keton1’s chocolate has become my new favorite for eating just as it is (without making bonbons or anything). I genuinely enjoy all the flavors, and I can’t pick just one that I like the most! I order this chocolate directly from the company.Keton1.

honey and maple syrup

Keto recipes

These are sugar-free alternatives for honey and maple syrup. I often buy them at Lowcarbcenter or at Dieetwebshop.
I also use these regularly for recipes from my cookbook “The Ultimate Ketogenic Sweets and treats Special“. Note: These products have received a new name: Steviala Holy Hon! and Steviala Magic Maple Syrup.

Brown sugar

Keto recipes

Sukrin Gold is a sugar-free replacement for brown sugar. I often buy it from Lowcarbcenter of bij Dieetwebshop. This product also makes frequent appearances in my cookbook “The Ultimate Ketogenic Sweets and treats Special”, but it’s also used regularly in “The Ultimate Ketogenic World Cuisine Special“.


Keto recipes

Erythritol is a sweetener that can be used as a sugar replacement. It’s truly my favorite sweetener! You can read why this is the case and what erythritol exactly is in this article.
I usually buy erythritol from Pit-Pit, but there are many online sellers for this product. Just be sure to check that it’s 100% erythritol! It’s often mixed with less desirable sweeteners. And here’s a tip: you can easily grind the granulated variant into powdered sugar in a blender, so there’s no need to buy the more expensive powdered form ๐Ÿ˜‰.


Keto recipes

Almond flour:
There are many places to buy almond flour (both online and in regular supermarkets), but most of the ones you come across online and in the supermarket are relatively high in carbohydrates. I always buy almond flour from Pit-Pit because it has the lowest carbohydrate content. The organic variant is even slightly lower in carbs than the regular one.

Coconut flour:
When it comes to coconut flour, it’s truly remarkable how much the carbohydrate content can vary between brands. So, be sure to pay close attention! The coconut flour from the brand Aman Prana has the lowest carbohydrate content. You can find it at several online retailers, and personally, I prefer to buy it from De online drogist.

Psyllium husk

Keto recipes

I often order these from Pit-Pit, but you can even find them at drugstores like Kruidvat and similar places.

Ketoproof soy sauce

Keto recipes

There are many different types of soy sauce available, but unfortunately, many of them contain a lot of sugar, rice, or wheat. Personally, I use the gluten-free soy sauce from Kikkoman, which is available at the Asian grocery store. It comes in a glass bottle of 250 ml with a red cap and a green label. Alternatively, you can use the gluten-free tamari soy sauce from Kikkoman, which is available at various supermarkets, including AH (Albert Heijn). This one comes in a transparent bottle with a blue cap. The nutritional values for both of these soy sauces are as follows per 100 ml: 57 calories, 0 grams of fat, 10 grams of protein, and 2 grams of carbohydrates.

Other products

Keto recipes

I simply get the rest of my groceries at the supermarket (AH, Jumbo, Aldi, Lidl, Dekamarkt).

Even for everyday products, it can vary greatly in terms of carbohydrate content per brand. So always read the labels carefully and compare different brands.

Also, take a look at this blog article where I’ve created handy lists of products/foods that are low in carbohydrates and fit very well into a ketogenic diet.

I hope you find this blog article and the helpful hyperlinks within it very useful ๐Ÿ˜‰. If you’ve found this information helpful, be sure to share this article with your keto buddies!


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