Xandra’s story

Hello, I’m Xandra, welcome to my website

Here, in brief, is who I am and why I started this.
I’ve always had an average weight until I switched from an active job to an office job. Slowly but surely, the pounds piled on, and at my heaviest, I weighed just over 80 KG. With a height of 1.74 meters, that’s too heavy and not really healthy.

I tried everything. Diets, going to the gym 3 to 4 nights a week, etc… I really thought I was eating healthily, so I couldn’t understand how I kept gaining weight. Until I started to delve deeper into what is really healthy food.

I found out that the things I thought were healthy (or at least not so bad) were actually not good and healthy for me at all… I hardly ever snacked, occasionally we ordered fries or pizza, but at the core, we ate potatoes, meat, and vegetables (or rice and pasta). For breakfast/lunch, I often had bread, and as a snack, I would have one or two pieces of fruit and occasionally something like a rice cake or cracker. Not particularly large quantities, just normal portions. At least, that’s what I thought… I followed the guidelines of the nutrition center (in terms of recommended amounts of vegetables and fruit) and I didn’t eat more than the people around me. However, something went wrong because I kept gaining weight…

When I started to delve deeper into the actual impact of all the different foods and nutrients, a whole new world opened up for me. I looked beyond the standard advice given by organizations like the nutrition center and examined the “why” behind everything and what it exactly does in your body. I can tell you, I was truly surprised and shocked by the advice that is given. According to the advice, I was doing really well in terms of nutrition, but in reality, such a way of eating is far from good/healthy for a human being. So, I decided to chart my own course, completely revamping my diet and my perception of healthy eating.

I’ve now lost over 20 KG, just look at those differences… I’m still surprised myself. I literally and figuratively feel so much better in my own skin!

And this was achieved without exercising! Exercise can certainly be good for you, and I am well aware of the benefits it brings and that it might help you reach your goal faster… But I really don’t enjoy exercising, so I am very happy that I learned it is also very possible to achieve your dream physique primarily through nutrition! 😉

The only two things I changed were my diet, and I started walking more (like walking to do groceries, walking during breaks, walking to friends instead of using the bike or car, etc.).

I no longer do diets, I don’t feel like I have to constantly give up things I love. I have permanently adjusted my eating habits.

Over time, I have delved deeply into various dietary lifestyles. As a result, I have become experienced in multiple dietary lifestyles.
Intermittent Fasting (IF)
– Low-carb
– Carbohydrate-restricted

And of course, I still occasionally have some fries or order a pizza (it’s a lifestyle, not a diet 😉), but I find that I enjoy healthy food much more and that I feel much better and healthier because of it. My taste has also truly changed (through habituation); most unhealthy things I used to really enjoy, I often don’t even like anymore.

I have experimented a lot with transforming unhealthy recipes into healthy ones because, let’s be honest, eating well and indulging occasionally is just delightful! 😉 In my cookbooks, you’ll find everything you need to fully enjoy all the honest food. Because ketogenic eating is truly delicious!

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