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When eating keto, gourmet cooking (or hot stone grilling) is truly the perfect festive meal! You have a wide variety of options, both for the grill and for side dishes, and it’s absolutely effortless to eat keto while the rest of the guests may be enjoying carb-rich food.

What can you put on the grill?

There are many delicious things you can prepare on the grill or hot stone, and it’s not just limited to meat (or meat substitutes). You can also include various types of vegetables and even eggs.

Meat for the grill

Keto recipes

Most people tend to eat a lot of meat on such an evening. If you opt for unmarinated and non-breaded meat, you’re usually on the right track!

However, there are differences between types of meat and even between brands in terms of additives, so it’s a good idea to check the labels to make the best choice.

Make your own mayonnaise with good oils so you can enjoy a generous dollop while keeping your fat ratio in check. Delicious, right? Here’s how to easily make your own mayonnaise.

Vegetables on the grill

Keto recipes

In addition to meat, there are also several types of vegetables that are delicious to grill. Consider, for example, slices of zucchini (seasoned with pepper & salt and olive oil), slices of mushrooms, slices of eggplant (seasoned with pepper & salt), strips of bell pepper (they are also delicious raw as a side), slices of pre-cooked turnip, homemade turnip hash browns, haricot verts, or green asparagus tips wrapped in bacon, etc… Here you’ll find a comprehensive overview of all vegetables suitable for a keto lifestyle.

(Stuffed) omelet

Keto recipes
MWith gourmet cooking, you can also make delicious omelets in the little pan! Enhance the omelet with tasty vegetables, cold cuts, and some grated cheese, and you have a delicious dish!

Delightful Side Dishes

Okay, those are already delicious items for the grill! Let’s now take a look at some ideas for delightful side dishes!
How about these gorgeous roast beef bonbons, for example? They look delicious, right?! Click on the photo for the recipe 😉Keto recipes


Keto recipes

Most people enjoy having bread rolls at such a cozy evening. Now you might be thinking, “Yes, that’s delicious, but I can’t have it if I want to eat keto…” Guess again!

There are really many delicious recipes to make 100% keto-friendly bread, which are also as simple as can be! For most bread, it’s just a matter of mixing the ingredients, putting them in a baking dish, and popping it in the oven! So you can also enjoy delicious bread rolls with fancy toppings like Brie, filet American, port saluut, herb butter, cream cheese, and more… Check out some delicious keto bread recipes here.


Keto recipes

And what about those delicious salads that are often on the table? They are generally anything but keto-friendly… But here too, there are fantastic substitutes that are even tastier than the unhealthy ready-made salads!

Apart from making regular salads with different types of lettuce and raw vegetables, you can also create delicious, completely keto-friendly salads such as:
* Huzarensalade (click here for the recipe)
* “Potato” salad (without actual potatoes, of course😉 )
* Egg salad
* Chicken curry salad
* Stuffed eggplant packets (click here for the recipe)

In my cookbooks, you’ll find the most delightful side dishes. Check out the photo indexes to see what deliciousness awaits you.

Desserts for after gourmetting

Keto recipes

Okay… okay… As you can see, there are really delicious options!
But what about dessert?? When everyone is enjoying ice cream and cookies with coffee? What should I do? There are also such delicious possibilities for dessert!
Just take a look at the photos above; it looks amazing, doesn’t it? And that’s not even close to all the possibilities 😉

And in my cookbook The Ultimate Ketogenic Sweets Special you’ll find a whopping 101 completely keto sweet and savory snack recipes!

Keto recipes
Do you want a taste of the delicious sweet recipes? Then take a look here at the public recipes from this book.

Are you excited yet?
It’s high time to plan a delicious and cozy gourmet evening!



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