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Christmas in Keto Style

The Christmas holidays can be challenging when you’re on a keto diet. Many people choose to deviate from their healthy lifestyle because they want to “indulge” in festive snacks and meals. However, did you know that you can still enjoy the holidays while staying fully keto? There are truly delicious sweet treat recipes for satisfying your sweet tooth. When it comes to brunch and dinner, there are also plenty of options to make it a festive keto feast! In this article, I’m going to share my favorite holiday tips.


Keto recipes
If you prepare something in a Christmassy shape, it immediately sets the right mood. It doesn’t affect the taste, but it looks much more festive and atmospheric. Stores like Action, Blokker,, etc., sell the cutest molds for this purpose around the holidays. You can also find great options on websites like AliExpress and Wish (just be sure to order well in advance due to long delivery times). Personally, I prefer to use silicone molds because they can be used for both baked goods and cold dishes, and it’s always easy to remove things from them. You can also do some fun things with a whipped cream dispenser, like the strawberry Santa Claus figures you see in the above photo.

My favorite salad as a side dish

Keto recipes
The keto Huzaren salad is truly one of my favorite side dishes. It’s delicious and provides you with a nice portion of vegetables. It’s just so tasty, and it’s also great on a piece of keto bread or keto crackers! As you can see in the photo above, you can also serve it in a fun shape. I used a silicone star-shaped mold from Action for this. Press the salad firmly into the mold and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to firm up. Place a large plate on top of the mold, then turn the plate, mold, and all. Gently release the edges of the mold and remove it. That’s it! Isn’t it fun?!

Bread Rolls

Keto recipes
You can also make an incredibly cute Christmas tree bread, super simple, done in no time, and oh so lovely on the table! For the bread in the photo, I made the delicious garlic bread from The Ultimate Ketogenic Cookbook. But you can, of course, use one of the other delicious recipes for bake-at-home rolls for this. It’s very simple, make the dough for the rolls you want to use (choose a recipe that doesn’t require a mold but remains sturdy enough to maintain the shape you create) and divide the dough into small balls. Place the balls close together in the shape of a Christmas tree and bake the bread rolls in the oven until they are golden brown and cooked through. You can also choose to make regular keto bread in cute silicone molds. Just make sure to use a shorter baking time than you would for baking a whole loaf; otherwise, the rolls may become dry and even burn.


Keto recipes
For many people, the holidays involve visiting family and enjoying elaborate brunches and dinners together. You can also have a completely keto-friendly holiday season. Here, you can see how to organize a fantastic keto brunch in no time.

For dinner, gourmet cooking is often a beloved choice during the holidays, which is perfect for ketogenic eating! In this article, you can find the best tips for keto-style gourmet cooking. But you can also serve the most delicious dishes for a three-course menu. Need inspiration? Take a look at the indexes of the cookbooks and see all the delicious recipes waiting for you to conjure up on your table.



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