Xandra’s Keto Kitchen mailbox surprise

That sounds exciting, right? Surprises in your mailbox! But what can you expect from it?

A keto mini-course

When you sign up for the mailbox surprise, you will first receive a 5-day keto mini-course. In these 5 days, you will get all the information you need to make a good start with your (possibly completely new) ketogenic lifestyle.

Lots of free recipes

Immediately after signing up, you will receive a mini e-book with 10 delicious recipes, including one of my favorite bread recipes, which is walnut bread. After that, you will receive a new recipe of the week every week for a whole year.

Always up to date

We don’t like it when companies send emails all the time, so we only send an email when there is something you don’t want to miss. Think of cool giveaways in our Facebookgroup, discount offers, and the launch of new products.

It doesn’t cost you anything

The gifts above are exactly that, gifts that you receive without having to give anything in return. Signing up is completely free, there are no fine print, and you won’t be bombarded with useless emails. If it’s not for you after all, you can easily and quickly unsubscribe from us at the bottom of every email, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

Why are we doing this for free?

Because we believe that everyone should have free access to the right information about healthy nutrition. The many recipes we share help you to experience your keto lifestyle tastefully and with pleasure. We also hope that you will become a fan of Xandra’s keto kitchen and that you will want to go on this amazing keto journey with us, hopefully helping many other people in your environment to discover and experience this amazing lifestyle.

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