Mini fried eggs made from only 2 eggs

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A sandwich with all mini fried eggs, super fun! Made with only 2 eggs, can you believe it?! And it’s really super easy to make 🤩

How to make it:

Place the number of eggs (straight out of the box) that you want to use in the freezer. Some say 24 hours is sufficient, others recommend 48 hours. So, I tested both. I have to say, I didn’t notice a difference between those times, except that the egg seems to run slightly less when frozen for 48 hours. Freezing the egg causes the shell to crack at one spot, which is not a problem because the egg doesn’t run out when it’s frozen solid. 😉
After 24-48 hours in the freezer:
Place a frying pan on the stove and add a bit of oil or butter of your choice. Also, prepare a cutting board, a sharp knife (I used a potato peeler), and something to place the eggshells on.

Remove the frozen egg from the freezer and briefly hold it under cold running water. This will slightly thaw the outer layer of egg white and allow you to peel the egg. If necessary, if the shell doesn’t come off easily, you can hold the egg under cold water again. Peel the egg completely and then slice it.

Keto recipesKeto recipes

Place the frozen egg slices in the frying pan and cook the eggs sunny-side-up or on both sides, depending on your preference (with pepper/salt/herbs/spices of your choice) 😉
Keto recipes

I served these eggs on some homemade keto bread that I briefly toasted in slices in the oven, with a slice of cheese between the eggs and the bread.

Keto recipes

I came across this idea on theFacebookpage of Francijna cooking mama, She had seen this on the account van mmmEggies.So nice when you can inspire each other with ideas like this!



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